Art of the Hands

Time to Tinker

Welcome to the World of the Tinkerers

What is tinkering? Tinkering is the art of thinking about the world in ways that are far from traditional. The ability to use unrelated materials that you happen to have on hand to create whatever you want; this concept is at the heart of tinkering and is where the fun and the challenge comes in!

From simple crafts to a full-scale Trebuchet, tinkering can be an amazing and fun way to practice being creative, solve unique challenges, and do it all without the pressure of a timetable or expectations of what to build next. Though the general concept of tinkering can be simple, the actual practice can prove much harder. Some of the biggest challenges that face tinkerers are coming up with ideas for what to build next and not having the right parts to finish the project. The purpose of this blog is to share my adventures overcoming each of these challenges and hopefully, these experiences will help you in your quest to tinker and provide inspiration as you face the challenges that will arise as you tinker your way through your own projects.

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