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Who can Tinker



This video is about a movement called the maker movement that basically encourages people to tinker and learn how to make something that they didn’t know how to make before. Although it may be called different things, making and tinkering are practically the same and incorporate many of the same ideals like; trying new things, stimulating creativity, and stretching the limits of personal abilities to improve as a person and to work to solve problems that you see are worth solving. One of the key reasons why I chose to share this video is because it showed kids making amazing things and generally experimenting with how far their creativity can take them. They had no skill, money or amazing talent but they had a fearless creativity and they decided to use it to learn how to do something new. The takeaway from this is, Anyone can tinker, will you?

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What to Expect

I created this blog with the intent to share ideas with any fellow tinkerers who may be reading this. It can be very easy to get the tinkerer’s equivalent of writer’s block and so I want to share my experiences and my thought processes as I tinker to hopefully help you to get un-stuck as you struggle to overcome your own chalanges.

Tinkerers are famous for their variety and every kind of tinkering is unique. In this blog, I will not be looking at any form of programming or other projects involving electronics and I will likely not be making anything too massive as I live in my grandparents basement and so cant fit anything of any size. I will however be undertaking projects where I take some physical object and use it to make something that it was never designed to be made into. Some examples of this might be using seeds to make a necklace or trash bags to make a solar balloon (a hot air balloon heated by the sun). In any case, my posts will involve projects that I am working on and following my journey as I figure out the challenges that arise and the solutions I come up with to combat them.